On prioritizing: what self care looks like for me this week (early summer)

As I work with incoming freshmen on their priorities and time management,  I'm reminded once again of the importance of scheduling time to do the things that fill my tank.  It can never hurt to be reminded about this and have the value of planning the self-care stuff.  This week, self-care looks like ...

  • 10 minute runs around our block
  • morning pages at the end of the work day followed by mountain meditation on insight timer 
  • crafting with jenafer joy of cosmic cowgirls on "rebel rules" 
  • tracking my feel good moments in my monthly passion planner 

What self care looks like for me this week ...

  • Appreciating family trips to new locales, this past week ... Letchworth State Park
  • Massage and journaling time at my favorite, Rasa Spa
  • Listening to courses on functional design through Creative Live
  • Moving through project lists and organizing next actions through GTD methodology
  • Completing May Sarton's "Recovering" on my kindle
  • Listening to Side Hustle podcast for ideas and inspiration
  • Thursday evening yoga at my favorite, Yoga Farm


What self care looks like for me this week ...

  • 20 minutes walks through Cornell's botanical gardens during my lunch break
  • Talks with old friends <3
  • Listening to my Nina Simone Pandora playlist 
  • Listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith & Oprah on Super Soul Conversations Podcast
  • Celebrating the completion of a half day self-care retreat and 5 month self care group for advisors at Cornell
  • Reading the "Daily Om" by Madisyn Taylor as a daily oracle and blindly choosing a message of the day

Early Spring: what self care looks like this week ...

Meditating along with short Yoga Nidra practices through my Insight Timer app

Short restorative and yin classes on YogaGlo

Connecting back with daily sun salutations (I did (almost) 10 daily throughout 2014)

Planning dates with my husband and utilizing the great care providers we love to watch our son

Responding to writing prompts in my journal shared from Cosmic Cowgirls' Mary Macdonald:

  1. This is an exercise that the writer Abigail Thomas gives her students that I LOVE. Take any ten year period in your life and write two pages about it using only 3 word sentences. Then choose a sentence that hums for you and write two pages around that sentence.
  2. I know I should regret it but I don’t.
  3. It makes me so angry when….
  4. It’s hard for me to say what I want because….
  5. People expect me to….
  6. I feel most in tune with life and myself when….
  7. I’m so sorry I….
  8. Tough times have taught me….
  9. There are limits and mine….
  10. This taste reminds me of…


Remembering this too shall pass


In a 5 minute future self meditation today, I connected with my 45 year old self 10 years from now.  Gratefully, I felt reminded that the struggles and concerns of my today will pass.  I felt comforted remembering that the issues that I and that my family are dealing with at this present moment will transform, will be ground up, will be composted and will become something brand new and different.  I felt peace in remembering that the issues of my 25 year old self (10 years ago) have been broken down and integrated into my 35 year old self of today.  Thank goodness!

This too shall pass, and I will become what I'm meant to become.  I need, simply, to remember my vision and step into that vision, day by day, step by step.  Instead of comparing, regretting or mulling, I felt grateful to be reminded that there is so much more to me.  I will become the person that I imagine myself to be.  I will transcend my challenges of today.  I will become more of what I'm meant to become.


On saying Yes to desire


I said Yes to something.  Something that I assumed other folks in my life wouldn't understand.  Something that I felt embarrassed and shy to say that I wanted.  It's Vivienne McMaster's "Be Your Own Beloved" Course.  I have been intrigued and moved by her photos and commentary over the years.  In the act of asking myself, what do we actually want?  I heard this class.  I felt the wave of happiness that comes unexpectedly when I say yes to an opportunity that I truly want.  In signing up for something that I have wanted to do for years, I have affirmed myself. And, I choose to believe that this choice tells my Muse, my soul and my artist that I'm listening, that I haven't given up on living a life that feels true to me in all ways.  So I'm becoming my own beloved, and allowing myself to feel the joy of seeing my self through a compassionate lens.  So grateful to Vivienne and the #beyourownbeloved community.  

Be Your Own Beloved

What I'm Doing Now

I love this blog idea from Leonie Dawson. 

What I'm Doing Now ...

Currently living in Ithaca, NY

Caring for my 7 month old son, Savion 

Loving resources for black women and black mamas like Mater Mea and Dear Black Women

Preparing to start round two of The Art of Money with Bari Tessler Linden

Imagining how to joyfully celebrate 10 years with my incredible husband, Peter

Advising and building new initiatives for underrepresented students and staff through Cornell's Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives

Visioning for Nourish and leading a self-care group for staff on campus using the text Trauma Stewardship

Continuing to grow in my GTD practices 


On Goal Setting and Visioning

Something that I often find surprising are the ways we can get so quickly and easily distracted from the goals that we truly want to reach. I find in my own life, someone else's successes can take me off track.  I notice a promotion someone else has attained or a project that they have completed, and I can feel envious or insecure.  However, when I give myself permission to interrogate those feelings, I am reminded that what I really feel insecure about is the lack of movement towards my own visions.  So, how do we ensure we are moving in the direction that we know in our hearts is in alignment with who we are and what is important to us?  

In answering this question, I found myself revisiting a coaching exercise from a beloved former coach of mine,  Caroline Kim Oh.  Early in our work together, Caroline encouraged me to craft a life vision that projects out two years from today.  She stated to craft this vision with as much visual and emotional detail as possible.  In this vision, I answered the following questions:

Where are you?  Who are you with?  What are you doing? How are you spending your time? How are you earning money?  How are you feeling nurtured and filled up?  

After completing this vision, we explored what has to have happened between now and 2 years from now?  What are the key benchmarks and milestones that will help you know you're getting there?  What knowledge and practices would support you in making this vision a reality?  I love crafting these and subsequently crafting the key markers to keep me on my personal map.  It is both encouraging and motivating!  

What do you see for your 2 year vision?  What markers will let you know you're on your way?