The Audacity of Our Dreams

As I have been planning my 2019 for Nourish, I find that I’m running head long into the inner critic and inner doubt. Have you experienced this? You have a big dream, one that you have had for years perhaps, and when you are making real and concrete steps towards making it happen: BOOM. Your own doubt and negativity creeps in …

  • “Who am I to do this?”

  • “What do I actually have to offer?”

  • “Who would want to pay me to provide this service?”

Very real and very important questions for us to ask ourselves as we venture into a new territory. But, as I can tell you from my work with Michelle Ward and Caroline Kim Oh, don’t stop at the questions and the doubt.

Answer them, and see what wisdom is available for you. It might not be the best time to do the thing that you want to do. But approach it with a sound and clear mind and heart, not from fear. When the doubt comes forth, ask yourself, what could I do in response to this fear? Caroline taught me to write the saboteur statements and then respond, “So I will …” And Michelle taught me to map that shit out, lay it out and assess what you can do - step by step, day by day.

What big dreams are you working on? What do you want to make real but have to wrestle the self doubt to make it happen? I welcome your thoughts.

Season Shifting, Late Fall Reflections

As we move deeper into fall in upstate NY, I am feeling the cooler air and seeing the beautiful fall leaves slowly drift away. I find myself thinking of winter. Preparing for the icy chill and the passing of another year, I am moving into the reflection time that often calls me at this time of year and asking what I’ve learned in 2018. In particular, asking what has been important for me to wrestle with this year, struggle with and embrace. Of course, as our son gets older, my husband and I are deep in cycles of letting go and embracing the new. The shift from infant to toddler time came fast and what it has called out in us as parents and as partners has required us to go deep in our emotional wells. I am learning, and I realize that as I prepare for my upcoming birthday, I am ready to recommit to the practices that serve me so well and encourage me to nourish myself: dancing, writing, meditating, visioning and praying. These are anchor practices for me. They remind me of who I am and what I am about, when I’m not doing these I find myself feeling adrift and unsure. I feel grateful for the pockets of time that allow me to reconnect and remember through these anchor practices. And I am grateful that I am looking squarely into the end of another beautiful and complex year on this earth and in this body.

Self care looks like ... Sharing your dreams with your people

When is the last time you asked your closest people about their dreams and their big life goals? Do me a favor: identify those folks who are positive and encouraging in your life, lift them up and yourself up by asking, what are your big visions and goals? And, how can we support you in bringing them to life? Let me know what happens!

With love and light …

Why self care in the midst of such suffering?

I find myself thinking about why self care in the midst of global suffering.  It's not to be lost on most of us that this is a challenging time in the history of our planet, of humanity, of animal and plant life.  I don't know what it is to come.  What I do know, however, is that it's my job to run my leg of the race, to do what is in my power to do.  

In my power, is to remind myself and remind you, that you matter.  Your life has meaning.  You feeling connected to your feelings, needs, and life vision matters.  You feeling nourished and supported matters.  This is not to say that other peoples' needs, feelings, visions do not matter.  On the contrary, I believe that our self care is connected to our community care, and our community care is connected to our self care.  We cannot have one without the other.

For today, may you connect to a vision of wholeness, peace and shared humanity.  May you remember grace and love, may you spread love and receive love.

I see you.  I know this is not easy.  Keep trusting.

With love,


On prioritizing: what self care looks like for me this week (early summer)

As I work with incoming freshmen on their priorities and time management,  I'm reminded once again of the importance of scheduling time to do the things that fill my tank.  It can never hurt to be reminded about this and have the value of planning the self-care stuff.  This week, self-care looks like ...

  • 10 minute runs around our block
  • morning pages at the end of the work day followed by mountain meditation on insight timer 
  • crafting with jenafer joy of cosmic cowgirls on "rebel rules" 
  • tracking my feel good moments in my monthly passion planner 

What self care looks like for me this week ...

  • Appreciating family trips to new locales, this past week ... Letchworth State Park
  • Massage and journaling time at my favorite, Rasa Spa
  • Listening to courses on functional design through Creative Live
  • Moving through project lists and organizing next actions through GTD methodology
  • Completing May Sarton's "Recovering" on my kindle
  • Listening to Side Hustle podcast for ideas and inspiration
  • Thursday evening yoga at my favorite, Yoga Farm


What self care looks like for me this week ...

  • 20 minutes walks through Cornell's botanical gardens during my lunch break
  • Talks with old friends <3
  • Listening to my Nina Simone Pandora playlist 
  • Listening to Michael Bernard Beckwith & Oprah on Super Soul Conversations Podcast
  • Celebrating the completion of a half day self-care retreat and 5 month self care group for advisors at Cornell
  • Reading the "Daily Om" by Madisyn Taylor as a daily oracle and blindly choosing a message of the day

Early Spring: what self care looks like this week ...

Meditating along with short Yoga Nidra practices through my Insight Timer app

Short restorative and yin classes on YogaGlo

Connecting back with daily sun salutations (I did (almost) 10 daily throughout 2014)

Planning dates with my husband and utilizing the great care providers we love to watch our son

Responding to writing prompts in my journal shared from Cosmic Cowgirls' Mary Macdonald:

  1. This is an exercise that the writer Abigail Thomas gives her students that I LOVE. Take any ten year period in your life and write two pages about it using only 3 word sentences. Then choose a sentence that hums for you and write two pages around that sentence.
  2. I know I should regret it but I don’t.
  3. It makes me so angry when….
  4. It’s hard for me to say what I want because….
  5. People expect me to….
  6. I feel most in tune with life and myself when….
  7. I’m so sorry I….
  8. Tough times have taught me….
  9. There are limits and mine….
  10. This taste reminds me of…