The Audacity of Our Dreams

As I have been planning my 2019 for Nourish, I find that I’m running head long into the inner critic and inner doubt. Have you experienced this? You have a big dream, one that you have had for years perhaps, and when you are making real and concrete steps towards making it happen: BOOM. Your own doubt and negativity creeps in …

  • “Who am I to do this?”

  • “What do I actually have to offer?”

  • “Who would want to pay me to provide this service?”

Very real and very important questions for us to ask ourselves as we venture into a new territory. But, as I can tell you from my work with Michelle Ward and Caroline Kim Oh, don’t stop at the questions and the doubt.

Answer them, and see what wisdom is available for you. It might not be the best time to do the thing that you want to do. But approach it with a sound and clear mind and heart, not from fear. When the doubt comes forth, ask yourself, what could I do in response to this fear? Caroline taught me to write the saboteur statements and then respond, “So I will …” And Michelle taught me to map that shit out, lay it out and assess what you can do - step by step, day by day.

What big dreams are you working on? What do you want to make real but have to wrestle the self doubt to make it happen? I welcome your thoughts.