On saying Yes to desire


I said Yes to something.  Something that I assumed other folks in my life wouldn't understand.  Something that I felt embarrassed and shy to say that I wanted.  It's Vivienne McMaster's "Be Your Own Beloved" Course.  I have been intrigued and moved by her photos and commentary over the years.  In the act of asking myself, what do we actually want?  I heard this class.  I felt the wave of happiness that comes unexpectedly when I say yes to an opportunity that I truly want.  In signing up for something that I have wanted to do for years, I have affirmed myself. And, I choose to believe that this choice tells my Muse, my soul and my artist that I'm listening, that I haven't given up on living a life that feels true to me in all ways.  So I'm becoming my own beloved, and allowing myself to feel the joy of seeing my self through a compassionate lens.  So grateful to Vivienne and the #beyourownbeloved community.  

Be Your Own Beloved