Early Spring: what self care looks like this week ...

Meditating along with short Yoga Nidra practices through my Insight Timer app

Short restorative and yin classes on YogaGlo

Connecting back with daily sun salutations (I did (almost) 10 daily throughout 2014)

Planning dates with my husband and utilizing the great care providers we love to watch our son

Responding to writing prompts in my journal shared from Cosmic Cowgirls' Mary Macdonald:

  1. This is an exercise that the writer Abigail Thomas gives her students that I LOVE. Take any ten year period in your life and write two pages about it using only 3 word sentences. Then choose a sentence that hums for you and write two pages around that sentence.
  2. I know I should regret it but I don’t.
  3. It makes me so angry when….
  4. It’s hard for me to say what I want because….
  5. People expect me to….
  6. I feel most in tune with life and myself when….
  7. I’m so sorry I….
  8. Tough times have taught me….
  9. There are limits and mine….
  10. This taste reminds me of…


On Pain, Vulnerability and Transition

As I move into the third trimester of pregnancy, I find myself engaging consciously with change and transition: the obvious physical changes and the not so obvious emotional changes.  First trimester, I experienced sciatica pain for the first time in my life.  Second trimester, it eased up and today, I found myself once again in dialogue with this pain.  The vulnerability of this pain coupled with my own concerns as I move deeper into pregnancy, brought me to tears this morning.  I continuously find the experience of mamahood to be new and transformative.  The ways I show up and feel through this time are often not what I would have anticipated.  The needs I have of my husband, my sisters and my parents require me to be more communicative and vulnerable.  

My intention for today was to allow softness, and to my surprise, it came as I exited the elevator on campus towards my office.  I allowed myself to be soft.  I allowed myself to be vulnerable.  I reminded myself that I am safe.  I reminded myself that all is well in my world.

I wonder, where are the spaces that you could allow yourself to be soft, to be vulnerable?  Where are your personal edges in feeling safe and seen?  What do you need that you have felt too afraid to ask of others?