Early Spring: what self care looks like this week ...

Meditating along with short Yoga Nidra practices through my Insight Timer app

Short restorative and yin classes on YogaGlo

Connecting back with daily sun salutations (I did (almost) 10 daily throughout 2014)

Planning dates with my husband and utilizing the great care providers we love to watch our son

Responding to writing prompts in my journal shared from Cosmic Cowgirls' Mary Macdonald:

  1. This is an exercise that the writer Abigail Thomas gives her students that I LOVE. Take any ten year period in your life and write two pages about it using only 3 word sentences. Then choose a sentence that hums for you and write two pages around that sentence.
  2. I know I should regret it but I don’t.
  3. It makes me so angry when….
  4. It’s hard for me to say what I want because….
  5. People expect me to….
  6. I feel most in tune with life and myself when….
  7. I’m so sorry I….
  8. Tough times have taught me….
  9. There are limits and mine….
  10. This taste reminds me of…


Remembering this too shall pass


In a 5 minute future self meditation today, I connected with my 45 year old self 10 years from now.  Gratefully, I felt reminded that the struggles and concerns of my today will pass.  I felt comforted remembering that the issues that I and that my family are dealing with at this present moment will transform, will be ground up, will be composted and will become something brand new and different.  I felt peace in remembering that the issues of my 25 year old self (10 years ago) have been broken down and integrated into my 35 year old self of today.  Thank goodness!

This too shall pass, and I will become what I'm meant to become.  I need, simply, to remember my vision and step into that vision, day by day, step by step.  Instead of comparing, regretting or mulling, I felt grateful to be reminded that there is so much more to me.  I will become the person that I imagine myself to be.  I will transcend my challenges of today.  I will become more of what I'm meant to become.