Welcome to Nourish


My name is Steph Cowling and I invite you to visit the story of your life.  I'm here to help you craft benchmarks, sacred sites and key markers to bring your self care to the forefront.  You deserve that, and I would like to be your guide.

Why me?

I have been cultivating my own self care practice in response to small and large moments of burnout in my own life.  I want to share what I have been learning with women who I see as sisters, friends, and colleagues.  I built out the coaching program, Nourish, to focus on women professionals who need support in prioritizing their own daily self care and self love practices.  In particular, I support women who feel overwhelmed with the demands of their life, feel unsure of where to begin in self care or feel tired of having tried so many things but still feel empty.  I aim to create a world for women to live nurtured and rich lives, where women feel nourished in key areas of life: physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and artistically.

Want to join me?