For many of my clients, the story goes like this ...

You know self care is important, but you have been neglecting it.

You feel self care is selfish or frivolous. You think you don’t have time. You believe that no one knows how truly busy you are and how little time you have.

You feel unsure, shaky, not enough. You often feel alone, though you carry a lot of responsibility within your community, work and family.

You are a giver, and get a lot from giving, but haven’t felt nourished in years.

You struggle to find time to do what you know will nourish you, be it exercise, healthy eating, meditating, praying, financial health practices or creating your art.  Your self care, health and creativity are important to you but you struggle to seeing it as a part of your day to day.

You need someone who will listen to you and support you in meeting your bottom line self-care needs.  You are tired of being forgotten.  You need someone who will consider you, and prioritize you and your well being.  You need someone who you trust to provide a big picture perspective on your self care and help you carve the daily practices for your self care.

But, you’re fed up, and you have decided to make you a priority.  

I support women who share my belief in the importance of creative expression, movement and creativity in our lives, and see it as integral to their well-being and nourishment.   

I'm working with a very limited number of clients in 2019. Please contact me with what you're looking to be coached on as well as your availability and I'll be in touch.